November 23, 2016 Start Your JRNY

Partner Feature – Nash Jewellers

Nash Jewellers has a rich history dating back to 1918 after John A. Nash borrowed $500 from family and opened ‘John A. Nash and Son Ltd.’ at 2061/2 Dundas St.; then two years later moved into 182 Dundas Street, the iconic location that just vacated in 2016 to their new home at 655 Wonderland Road.

Colin Nash, (Current Owner and Operator of Nash Jewellers) Grandfather took over the business in 1936 and became Canada’s first Registered Jeweller and American Gem Society Member, graduating through the Society in 1948. John C. joined in 1976 after achieving his doctorate from the University of Western Ontario. He established Canada’s second accredited gemological laboratory in 1980 along with many other achievements over the next 20 years.
In 2000, John expanded the business into a second location while his 3rd born son Colin started working for the firm. Colin’s passion for watches and brands led the business to where it is today. “He has moved us from the Nash Brand that we espoused from 1918, to the more modern ‘brand emphasis’ immediately obvious the moment you step inside our new location: where we anticipate operating for the next 100 years!”

They’ve achieved many awards over their 98 years from BBB Integrity Awards to Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year, Downtown Champion, Consumer Choice Awards and much more. Their highest honour achieved is the Robert M. Shipley award, given by the AGS. John C. Nash received this award in 2007 for his outstanding achievements in the industry being the first ever Canadian to receive it.

Nash Jewellers has not only contributed profoundly to our forest city but Canada-wide as well and we could not be more proud to have them in support of Start Your JRNY.

An engraved Start Your JRNY Dog-tag(s) to our finalist(s).

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