On The Road Through Our JRNY

We’ve been through a lot of adventures on the road through our journey with our contest winners Five Oceans! Things have been a little quiet these last few months as we’ve been grinding away getting their project completed. We’re excited (and a little sad) that things are coming to an end.

We’re going to catch you up on where the Brocean’s have been and what we’ll be releasing next!

Drum, Bass, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Trumpet & Tenor Saxophone are complete! We’re officially on to the final stages of the EP before we send it off for mixing & mastering.

Junction Climbing Gym
After claiming their 3-month climbing memberships, the Ocean’s took to the gym to take on a climb! We’re happy to say they’ve been enjoying their memberships.

 Craft Ales
After their climb, we headed over to Anderson Craft Ales for a pint and to learn more about this fantastic local brewery!

Photo Shoot
Five Ocean’s photo shoot was shot by Alex Lam from NYON Video Productions and everyone couldn’t be happier with the results! You can see the FULL shoot by clicking HERE.

Shag Wagon
To promote their feature at Rock The Park the Ocean’s took to the RTP Shag Wagon to ride around town giving away free tickets to the event!

Rock The Park
They may not have played the main stage but the Brocean’s sure did ROCK THE PARK!

The journey is still continuing! Once we’ve completed their EP & finalize their branding we’re on to mixing/mastering, a CHRW interview as well as their finale dinner! We’re also getting geared up to release their vlog series! Take a look at the introduction below and stay tuned for details.

Partner Feature – Jones Entertainment Group (JEG)

With a legacy of over 80 years in the making, Jones Entertainment Group (JEG) has branded the Canadian entertainment industry since 1933. During its first generation of brothers, Charles and Wilf Jones showcased the talents of a friend Guy Lombardo and The Royal Canadians throughout the 1960’s at Wonderland Gardens. It wasn’t before long that Charles’ son Don was following in his father footsteps and promoting his own concerts at the well-established venue.
A 20-year journey of touring later with CBC children’s icon Mr Dressup (Ernie Coombs) Don’s primary focus is on CBC radio host and best-selling author Stuart McLean, who he has been managing since 1999. Together they cover Canada coast-to-coast and the northern United States, playing over 50 live shows each year with The Vinyl Cafe.

This duo is known to be the masterminds behind London’s biggest annual music festival and local charity fundraiser, Rock the Park which fills Harris Park with 30,000 fans each year, bringing the total funds raised for local charities to over $2.2 million as of 2016. Did we mention they handle every detail from booking talent, expediting contracts and managing marketing and box office endeavours?

Today, in its third generation of brothers Brad Jones, (President) personally manages the touring careers of distinguished artists such as Alice Cooper, David Feherty, Roch Voisine, The Rankin Sisters, Cirque Sublime and more is also under the management and consulting division of the company, offering a one-stop service to festival entertainment buyers. Making up the second half of the JEG partnership, Greg Jones (Vice President) has been managing Canada’s most beloved children’s author Robert Munsch since 2004, touring over twenty-five cities across Canada per year.
Among their many talents, these brother’s are also acting controllers of London, Ontario’s landmark venue Centennial Hall, which runs a zero dollar deficit at no cost to taxpayers.

Myriah Kay, Marketing Director at Jones Entertainment Group said their company thrives on the success of entertainment talent. “It was without any hesitation that JEG wanted to be a part of #StartYourJRNY and assist with the journey’s of various young, passionate individuals trying to make a name for themselves in a very exciting and competitive industry.”

We’re honoured to have you apart of this JRNY with us, JEG!

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Rock The Park 2015 (London, ON) captured by NYON Video Productions

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