On The Road Through Our JRNY

We’ve been through a lot of adventures on the road through our journey with our contest winners Five Oceans! Things have been a little quiet these last few months as we’ve been grinding away getting their project completed. We’re excited (and a little sad) that things are coming to an end.

We’re going to catch you up on where the Brocean’s have been and what we’ll be releasing next!

Drum, Bass, Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Trumpet & Tenor Saxophone are complete! We’re officially on to the final stages of the EP before we send it off for mixing & mastering.

Junction Climbing Gym
After claiming their 3-month climbing memberships, the Ocean’s took to the gym to take on a climb! We’re happy to say they’ve been enjoying their memberships.

 Craft Ales
After their climb, we headed over to Anderson Craft Ales for a pint and to learn more about this fantastic local brewery!

Photo Shoot
Five Ocean’s photo shoot was shot by Alex Lam from NYON Video Productions and everyone couldn’t be happier with the results! You can see the FULL shoot by clicking HERE.

Shag Wagon
To promote their feature at Rock The Park the Ocean’s took to the RTP Shag Wagon to ride around town giving away free tickets to the event!

Rock The Park
They may not have played the main stage but the Brocean’s sure did ROCK THE PARK!

The journey is still continuing! Once we’ve completed their EP & finalize their branding we’re on to mixing/mastering, a CHRW interview as well as their finale dinner! We’re also getting geared up to release their vlog series! Take a look at the introduction below and stay tuned for details.

Showcase Recap & Next Steps

Where do we begin.. Last night was unbelievable. A HUGE congratulations to our contest winners Five Oceans! From first listening to your submission, to meeting with each of you to last nights incredible performance it’s truly an honour to #StartYourJRNY.
Another congratulations to our runners-up Bodhi Jar, we look forward to sharing what we have in store for you! A special thank you to all the other finalists, our judges & partners, the London Music Hall and to all of you who came out to support this wonderful evening.


See the FULL ALBUM of Sunday’s Showcase by visiting: https://flic.kr/s/aHskRNGjR4

Now.. What’s up next for Five Oceans?
On March 2nd our Finalists will have their first official meeting with our team prior to their finalist party where we’ll discuss their upcoming timeline & schedule their consultations with our various departments! THEN it’s time for some fun at Beertown Public House who has generously contributed a winners party including appetizers & drinks! This evening we’ll also be seeing another partner Anderson Craft Ales who will also be taking part in the party and contributing beer tasting of their main stays.

Follow the JRNY to see where this talented group ends up next! In the mean time, learn a little more about Five Oceans below & connect with them today.

“Five Oceans first wows an audience with the powerful vocals of lead singer Warren Hargraves. Hargraves’ voice features vintage-meets-modern charm, influenced as much by old-school acts like The Allman Brothers and The Eagles as it is by currentday
troubadours like Chris Stapleton and Anderson East. When first paired with the dynamic work of guitarist Josh Try in the summer of 2014, the high school friends knew they had captured something special. Try went to work finding a rhythm section capable of taking the pair to new heights, eventually settling on two of the finest musicians he knew: bassist Pat Dal Cin and drummer Mark Swan. Hargraves also recruited his uncle, accomplished saxophonist Creg Johnston, to round out the lineup. Since then, Five Oceans have been hard at work generating interest on the local scene, including spotlight appearances on CHRW, Reaney’s Pick and the London Free Press, and sharing the stage with a wide range of acts including Arkells, The Darcys, Torero, and Genevieve Fisher. After the release of their debut EP, “From What You’ve Heard”, in fall 2015, the boys continued to develop their own brand of rootsy, souful, southern rock with the release of their first single, “I’m Gone” (produced with Studio B’s Randy Rektor) in May 2016. A wild summer followed, seeing Five Oceans play shows to captive audiences across Southwestern Ontario,
including multiple sets in Toronto and Hamilton. With colder weather, the band has settled in to record a new EP, produced by Alastair Sims, with an expected release date of Spring 2017. The band is always looking for new venues and audiences to
share their music with, and are poised to make 2017 a year to remember!”

Fun Facts
– Drummer Mark Swan once placed second in a national drum solo contest – this means he is the second best drummer in all of Canada.
– The band went through numerous name changes before settling on Five Oceans, including “Barbecue” and “Lamp”.
– Bassist Pat Dal Cin hails from Sault Ste. Marie, ON, and has a very distinct (though subtle) accent as a result. This makes him the most exotic member of Five Oceans.
– Singer Warren Hargraves and guitarist Josh Try went to high school together, though they were more “acquaintances” than anything. Now, they refer to themselves as “business partners”, but never “friends”.
– The band opened for the Arkells at Western University in September of 2016.

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Partner Feature – Music Industry Arts (MIA)

In 1975 Fanshawe College‘s “Creative Electronics” program was born. Originally created by Tom Lodge, an English author, and radio broadcaster; the program began to evolve into ‘Music Industry Arts‘, (MIA) a training program for recording engineers and record producers.
The program was re-energized by legendary Canadian producer, Jack Richardson. As a former faculty member, he inspired students to be knowledgeable and ahead of emerging trends and technologies in the music industry. Richardson had mentored and trained many of the industry’s leaders across North America and is perhaps best known for producing the biggest hit records from The Guess Who from 1969 to 1975 and The Juno Award for “Producer of the Year” that has been named in Richardson’s honor since 2002.

Graduates of this program have led the industry by leaps and bounds with Grammys, Emmys, Junos and many other great achievements. Although it was originally known as an engineering and producing school, it has since expanded into artist development which as Dan Brodbeck says “Has brought new room energy to the city.” He also made mention that as he was sharing with us the Standstills, (graduates from 2009) were performing at Bud Gardens with Our Lady Peace and I Mother Earth.

In fact, most of our engineers at Prevail Music Studios are graduates from the Music Industry Arts Program. It seems as though no matter how much time has passed, MIA will always be there to support its artists. Thank you for the support on Start Your JRNY and for continuing to develop some of the many talented artists and engineers that hail from our great city.

If you haven’t already, we think you should check out: Jack Richardson London Music Awards, Jack Richardson London Music Awards Hall of Fame, & Share the Land.

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Website, Facebook, YouTube.

MIA gave me a sense of family and teamwork. It helped me develop the tools that I needed to become independent and get ready to work as well as express my creativity and discover new paths for my life. I can honestly say that the program and teachers involved have affected my life in such a positive way and helped me carve a distinct career path in the Canadian music industry.” – Andreas Rizek (Graduate 2014)

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